Saturday, June 12, 2021
Happening Now

Construction On Hudgens Hopes To Help with School Traffic

Roadwork to improve Cookeville’s Hudgens Street has begun.

Public Works Director Greg Brown said they hope the work will aid in traffic around Capshaw School during carpool hours.

“It’s adding a turning lane on Hudgens at the corner of Elm and then adding a turning lane down Elm to Cougar Drive to help keep the traffic off of the main road when they’re lining up to pick up children at school.”

Brown said they expect to have the construction completed by the time school starts back up in the fall. Brown said the work will help make that intersection safer during the school’s high traffic hours.

“It’ll be safer on the streets and the intersection because the traffic won’t be backed up on there,” Brown said. “We’re also adding sidewalks all the way to on Hudgens and all the way down to Cougar Drive on Elm as well.”

Brown said that while most of the work is off to the side of the road, he advises people to drive with caution through that area. Brown said that they plan to have traffic control out to help drivers navigate the traffic flow and construction.