Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Commission Ratifies Appointments To Non-Profit Study Committee

A new committee will be tasked with reviewing non-profit funding requests in Putnam County.

County Commission Chairman Ben Rodgers said the non-profit study committee will be made up of individuals not serving on the county commission or budget committee.

“Not to put the responsibility completely on them and us be relieved of it, but I guess it’s just more transparent,” Rodgers said. “These commissioners may be hearing the same thing over and over each year so it’s good to have a fresh look at it.”

The committee will hear requests from the different non-profits and make funding recommendations to the county budget committee.

Rodgers said the new study committee could be helpful in speeding up the budget process.

“It’s more efficient and will take less time,” Rodgers said. “Our budget committee focuses a lot on non-profits, but there’s also other focus we need to put our time towards as well.”

The county commission approved a motion earlier this year to create a study committee for nonprofit contributions.

The county commission ratified appointments to the non-profit study committee during last week’s county commission meeting.

Bob Bell, Connie Albrecht, and Diane Duncan will be serving on the committee.