Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Commission Discusses Buffalo Valley And Brotherton Precincts

The Buffalo Valley voting precinct may be safe from consolidation plans.

Putnam County Election Commissioners met Wednesday to discuss the possibility of relocating the Buffalo Valley and Brotherton polling places.

Commissioner David Dukes said he would like to see the Buffalo Valley precinct remain open, even though voting numbers don’t justify that decision.

“Obviously the numbers show a low turnout, but it appears to me to be an older community,” Dukes said. “That’s what bothers me…is that the elderly are used to the place and it should remain the same. That’s kind of what’s driving me…is just the demographics of that area.”

Other commissioners seemed to agree with Dukes and sais they could always revisit the idea at another time.

The Buffalo Valley precinct had less than 100 voters in each election dating back to November of 2012.

It seems more likely that the Brotherton precinct will be relocating as the commission received little feedback from residents.

“In Brotherton, the highest we had of any time was 189 election day votes in November of 16,” Adams said. “My inclination is still leaning towards closing that one because we’ve only got two negatives (responses).”

Commissioner William Prall said the Brotherton precinct also needs several repairs and doesn’t meet ADA requirements very well.

A public hearing will take place at 5 pm Thursday to allow Buffalo Valley and Brotherton voters to provide input.

If relocated, Brotherton would consolidate with the Algood Outside precinct and Buffalo Valley would combine with the Boma precinct. The commission hopes to make a decision by April.