Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Happening Now

Commission Approves Additional Life Insurance

Putnam County law enforcement and road department employees now have additional life insurance.

The County Commission voted 20-4 Monday to spend $25,886 a year for a blanket policy that also covers all other emergency personnel and two helicopter pilots.

Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Bob Crabtree said he’s very appreciative of the commission’s decision.

“It’s a very dangerous job, not only for us but also EMS and the road department,” Crabtree said. “If you’re out in the public working on the side of the roads, transporting patients, or doing traffic stops, it could be a hazard.”

The policy will pay out $250,000 to families of those killed in the line of duty. It would also cover major injuries that occur while on the job.

Commissioners voted against a motion calling for $46,000 to cover all employees. County Clerk Wayne Nabors pushed commissioners to include his employees and said they face dangers every day.

“We wait on a lot of wonderful people, but we wait on a whole lot of folks that are borderline crazy and sometimes it’s scary,” Nabors said. “I’m in the process, as we speak, to go solid glass with all of my stations. I’ve got to secure it because I see it more and more every day.”

Commissioner Kevin Christopher voted against that motion and said the county would have to draw a line.

“To some extent, we can’t pay to insure against all possible ills and scenarios in life,” Christopher said. “I do think that all employees bare some risks at their job, but I do think that we need to draw the line somewhere.”

Covering all county employee would have cost the county $46,636 and required money to be moved around from different line items. The approved policy will be funded from the county’s self-insurance fund.