Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Clay Woman Writes Novel About Bank Robber-Turned-Recording-Artist Charles Mitchell Dulworth

A Clay County woman has written her first novel detailing the life of her former outlaw second cousin Charles Mitchell Dulworth.

Myla Dulworth Beach said that the idea for Mitch: The Charles Mitchell Dulworth Story, came about after hearing family stories as a child.

“As a child, I couldn’t believe he was a real person and the stories I heard, and then as I grew older, I realized that these stories were true and that we were related,” Beach said. “So he was a bank robber and he spent time in Alcatraz and later became a recording artist.”

Beach said that the process to write her book took some 15 years. She said that the most difficult part was collecting all of the information.

Beach said that she conducted her research using Alcatraz records in San Francisco and looking over old FBI records, and was even able to have a personal tour of the bank Dulworth robbed. She said that all of the information helped her to tell the full story of Dulworth’s life, both the good and the bad.

“He started being a lawbreaker at an early, early age. He had a really rough childhood, and he was abused very heavily as a child,” Beach said. “Then he was carted off from what was a good home, he was raised by his dad and taken off to Indiana and then he had to fend for himself. And so breaking the law became a way of life. He had a lot of problems long before bank robbery.”

Beach said that you can find the book online on She said that it is also being sold at Restored & Co. in Livingston.