Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Clay Hosting Special Called Meeting To Fill Property Assessor Position

The Clay County Mayor’s office accepting letters of intent from candidates interested in filling the vacant property assessor position.

Mayor Dale Reagan said the county commission will hold a special-called meeting Monday to appoint a new assessor.

“They play a very important role in county government especially when it comes to your property,” Reagan said. “If you build a new home, build a new building or do some improvements on your property, they’re the ones that look at that and assess that.”

Reagan said whoever the commission selects, the new assessor must run for election come August. Reagan said the highest vote-getter will only get a two-year term, so the staggered election cycle returns to normal.

“That puts it back on schedule, because the property assessor’s office as well as the school board positions are staggered with other elected official offices,” Reagan said. “This would have been Smith’s second year, because he was elected back in 2020.”

Billy Smith served in the position for several years, but passed away earlier this month.

Reagan said interested parties may also bring a letter of intent to the meeting. Reagan said business begins at 6:30 p.m. at the county service building.