Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Clay County Still In Need Of Census Workers

Clay County is still in need of Census workers.

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kevin Donaldson said as a small county, it’s important to have as much help as possible.

“For everyone not counted in the Census in Tennessee over a thousand dollars is lost annually per person per year. Say if we missed 50 folks in Clay County over the course of the decade, that would be over a half million dollars. In our county, a county of less than 8,000 folks, a half million dollars in lost funding would be significant,” Donaldson said.

They are still in need of at least 25 workers. Donaldson said the positions are $14 an hour and .53 cents per mile.

He said the application process is online for convenience.

“The census bureau job recruiter has been very diligent in reaching out to us in Clay County,” Donaldson said. “They have even conducted a couple of workshops in helping people getting signed up. It is a complete online process, there’s no paper format to hand out to someone.”

For more information about the census, contact the Chamber of Commerce.