Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Happening Now

Clay County HS Students Learn Business World Of Tennessee Titans

The Clay County High School FBLA got a chance to learn the world of sports business with the Tennessee Titans.

FBLA Member Eliza Jenkins said that as a student-athlete she knew sports but did not know what happens behind the scenes. Jenkins said they got to participate in labs across the stadium with the Titans’ financial department, social media team and even T-Rac.

“Before, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in my career path,” Jenkins said. “But going there once I knew I wanted to do something in sports business, but now I really enjoyed the premium sales and I’d be interested in getting into that.”

Jenkins said the thing that interested her the most in sales was being a part of growing a sports team and making sure the organization can pay the stadium bills. Jenkins said she saw first-hand just how much money it takes to operate.

“The most surprising thing was the electricity bill there,” Jenkins said. “Is like over $300,000 a month.”

Jenkins said that meeting T-Rac was something new from her last trip to the stadium. She said they actually got to learn about the man behind the costumes career path.

“It was pretty fun to see all his props and everything that he got to do,” Jenkins said. “We learned that he was actually the mascot at Alabama and then he got the job with the Tennessee Titans.”

Jenkins said they even got to take a portion of exam NFL hopefuls take when entering the league. She said one thing she learned about the test is that often the best players do not score the highest.