Friday, December 9, 2022
Happening Now

Clay County History Museum Welcomes Back Fundraising Festival

One of the biggest fundraiser events for the Clay County History Museum returns to Celina this weekend.

The Clay County Museum of History Festival happening this Saturday in downtown Celina. President Beverley Hollifield said it will be a family fun day that includes live entertainment, vendors and food.

“This is the one event that the Clay County Museum has as a fundraiser,” Hollifield said. “All of the money that comes in from the festival will go towards the museums daily operations, maintenance and everything.”

Hollifield said the museum is hosting a rubber duck race with over 400 participants. Hollifield said you can purchase a duck with a number to participate. Whoever finishes first will win $1,000.

Hollifield said the festival’s cow patty contest also makes a return. Hollifield said the cow who makes the first patty will be announced the winner.

Hollifield said the festival began some 15 years ago and was known as Homecoming Days. Hollifield said the festival changed named a few years ago.