Friday, October 7, 2022
Happening Now

Clay Community Proud Of Lady Bulldogs’ Work This Season

The Clay County community rallied around its Lady Bulldogs before they made their way to their first round of the TSSAA tournament.

“They were staged all throughout town as we were leaving the high school,” Sheriff Brandon Boone said. “They were on before you crossed the bridge, and they were all through town, and then as we exited the town there was another group of fans and citizens cheering them on.”

Boone said that everyone is proud of the team and the hard work they put in this season. He said that it says something about the team that they’ve been able to attend multiple state tournaments.

“We’re a very small, rural county and a lot of people may not know where Clay County is,” Boone said. “But across the state, a lot of people know us and recognize us by the name ‘Clay County’ due to our basketball program over the past few years of many times attending the state tournament in Murfreesboro.”

The Lady Bulldogs lost today 55-39 at their Blue Cross State Championship tournament. Boone said that the boys’ team plays next week and that they plan to have the same send-off for them.