Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Happening Now

Clay Commission Reviews Departmental Budgets, Include Two Percent Raise

No major budget changes projected for Clay County’s new fiscal year budget.

During Monday night’s second budget work session, Finance Clerk Donna Hamilton reviewed the expenditures of the solid waste department and the sheriff’s department. She said that across all departments, most numbers stayed the same with regular increases.

“The only in most of these department budgets are maintenance agreements and you have of course postage,” Hamilton said. “And then if you maintenance vehicles, then that gasoline budget has gone up.”

Hamilton said the sheriff’s department was able to handle some of its gasoline budget increases because of extra funding available. However, she said that the solid waste department went up some $20,000.

Hamilton said that department budgets also included a two percent raise across the board for county employees. She said that at this point expenditures for all departments have been reviewed.

“We had a couple of things that we’ll have to come back on, but nothing major everything looks good right now,” Hamilton said. “(…) So far so good. Of course, we have ARP funding but a lot of that has to be sued for specific so you can’t use that money to pay for your expenses and things, but so far so good. We’ll see at the end here.”

Hamilton said that the expenditures will be voted on at the June 27th meeting. After which, she said that she will begin to get the budget together as a whole to hopefully vote on in early August.