Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Happening Now

Clay Commission Negotiating Land Purchase Expanding Hermitage Springs Park

Clay County Commission is in negations to purchase some four acres that connect to Hermitage Springs Park.

Commissioner and Parks and Recreation Board Chair Bryan Coons said the board was approached by the owners, asking for $12,000.

“According to the way land prices are, I think this would be a good deal right now for the county to buy,” Coons said. “It would be good for parking if someone was to have a concert done there, a firework show, anything. It would be a very good addition to that park.”

Coons said a realtor has looked at the land and agreed it would be a good purchase. Coons said the park board has approved pursuing the purchase, so now the transaction will be considered by the commission.

“This would belong to the county,” Coons said. “It wouldn’t belong to any other entity. It would be a county property, but it would be part of the park. It would be used as that, but if anything were to happen to the park, the park per say now would go back to the family that owned it. It is in their deeds or by-laws.”

County Finance Clerk Donna Hamilton said if approved, an amendment would need to be made to the new county budget after the state approves. Mayor Dale Reagan said the commission will gather again on the 16th to approve the budget and then, consider a resolution to purchase the land.

“Hopefully, they’ll turn it around pretty quick,” Reagan said. “The Comptroller’s Office for the last two years have been real quick. I think we got seven days to get it (the budget) to them.”