Friday, August 23, 2019
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City of Algood to Create New Zoning Category
The Algood City Council passed the first reading to create a new zoning category Tuesday. (File Photo)

City of Algood to Create New Zoning Category

The Algood City Council approved the first reading of an amendment to the zoning code pertaining to Planned Residential Developments (PRD).

City Manager Keith Morrison said the amendment will create a new category within the zoning code.

“Planned Residential Developments are condos, townhomes, apartments. But they allow the planning commission to give the developer a little more option,” Morrison said. “But they have to get it pre-approved. Once it is set by Planning it can’t be changed. So it just provides a little bit different structure.”

Algood Mayor Lisa Chapman-Fowler said the ordinance allows for better control over development.

“Well I certainly think it’s a good thing that we lean not against growth,” Chapman-Fowler said. “But it does need to be controlled and orderly in a fashion that suits our city and municipalities.”

Morrison said the Planning Commission recommended the new zoning in April.

“PRD is intended to encourage flexibility and innovation in land use in residential residences. These are all guidelines to be a PRD to be its own settlement,” Morrison said. “These are based off of Cookeville to some extent.”

The amendment of the Algood Zoning Codes gives qualifications for the PRD as well.

“No property can be considered for PRD should it be less than three acres in size so, it has to be a three-acre property or larger to be considered a PRD,” Morrison said. “This sets all the minimum yard requirements, spacing, what has to be around them. Things of that nature.”

The Algood City Council discussed the amendment during the City Council Meeting Tuesday. The ordinance must undergo a second reading before enacted.