Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Celina Mayor Discusses Federal Hospital Designation With Senator Blackburn

Senator Marcia Blackburn supportive of Celina’s efforts to reopen Cumberland River Hospital.

That is according to Celina Mayor Luke Collins who spoke with Blackburn Monday about a federal COVID program that could be used to help fund the closed facility.

“She definitely supports rural hospitals and is definitely interested in helping us get our hospital open,” Collins said. “We feel like it is going to meet the criteria.”

Collins said he will be gathering appropriate information on the facility and its current condition. Collins said he has to prove that state standards have been met.

“The hospital was inspected by the state of Tennessee this year,” Collins said. “It meets the requirements, but they need the documentation.”

The new federal program rolls out in January. Collins said the two discussed the new rural hospital program that could bring $3.2 million to the facility.

“I think at that point in time that somebody would buy it and open it,” Collins said.

But, the designation would have limitations. Collins said patients could only stay 24-hours before being transported to another hospital.