Friday, August 12, 2022
Happening Now

Celina Gets New Welcome Signs And LED Lighting Downtown

The Clay County Chamber of Commerce has completed a Celina grant project that added welcome signs and installed LED street lights.

Executive Director Doug Young said a $12,000 grant allowed four signs to be placed entering all sides of Celina.

“We had a committee that just put the plan together and now we have “Welcome to Celina” coming in on all directions,” Young said. “The signs look really neat. We’ve worked with Tri-County Electric Co-Op, and they have put in new lighting in the downtown area.”

Young said the welcome signs join several existing ones at the county line. Young said drivers will now know when they enter the city limits.

As for the LED lights, Young said the upgrade will address an ongoing lighting issue. Young said the poorly lit downtown area often meant businesses would close early and residents would not shop late.

“This would allow them to stay open later at night, and people feel more safe walking around the courthouse at nighttime,” Young said. “The events that we have downtown in the evening, this could also light those up.”

Young said the chamber is working with Celina officials to find ways to install LED lights for the entire town.