Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Celina Aldermen Unaware With Who Installed Controversial Sign

The person or party behind a controversial sign regarding drugs in Celina remains unknown.

The sign that has since been removed read “To drug dealers and dope heads, this is not Amsterdam, this is Celina Tennessee. We will put you in jail.” It was located on a Highlands Residential Services property without permission.

Alderman Winton Dillon said he does not know who installed the sign. However, Dillon did say that any item under $10,000 does not need Board approval and is a judgement call by the mayor.

Dillon went on to say that it should have not been installed. Alderman Kenny Westmoreland also said he “honestly did not know” who placed the sign.

The housing authority’s attorney Jeff Jones said it was determined that the sign was installed by the direction of Mayor Luke Collins. Collins has yet to confirm or deny if he was behind the action.