Saturday, December 2, 2023
Happening Now

Celina Aldermen Approve Incentive Program For EMS Department

EMS staffing issues have once again caused Celina Aldermen to explore new ways to cover shifts.

The Board approved new incentive pay that provides bonuses for employees that pick up extra shifts. EMS Director Andy Hall said the $15,000 proposal will last three months.

“I was proposing a $100 incentive per 24 hour shift,” Hall said. “That maybe I can pull some of these part timers that work other places to help me. I have 151 plus shifts open in the next three months, and I lost three people in two weeks.”

Hall said $50 per each 12 hour shift would also be offered. Hall said the department has plenty of ambulance operators, but paramedics are the highest need.

“I wouldn’t get the bonus if I worked the days,” Hall said. “I’m not here for that. I’m just here to get everybody else some. If I put in days, that’s going to knock the cost off, but I’m going to try to get people to fill them before I commit myself to them.”

The Board of Aldermen also approved a 50 cent raise for all hourly city employees during the same meeting. Hall said the department is currently hiring. If interested contact Hall at 931.243.3147 or Celina City Hall at 931.243.2115.

“This is just a little more incentive to say we appreciate y’all,” Hall said.