Thursday, October 21, 2021
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The Chat With Glenn Jones: Clay County Museum Of History

Learn about the Clay County Museum of History with President Mary Loyd Reneau.  On today’s episode of The Chat…Glenn Jones meets with Mary Loyd Reneau, President of the Clay County Museum. They discuss the history of Clay County and how it was formed, the timeline that the Museum is working on building to document the histories of Old and ... Read More »

The Chat With Michael Detwiler: Putnam County Democratic Party Chair

Get to know the life and career of Putnam Co Democratic Party Chair Amos Powers.  On today’s episode of The Chat…Michael Detwiler meets with Amos Powers, Chair of the Putnam County Democratic Party. They discuss his background and what got him interested in politics, his education and how his classes prepared him for a political position, as well as ... Read More »

The Chat With Dwight Henry: Meet John Acuff

Learn about the life of local church leader, mentor, and counselor, John Acuff.  On today’s episode of The Chat…Dwight Henry talks with local church leader, mentor, counselor, and former lawyer in Cookeville, John Acuff. They discuss his experience reestablishing himself in he Church of Christ, the book store that he was involved in and the role that it played ... Read More »

The Chat With Caroline Moore: The Life Of Master Gardeners

Discover the art of gardening with Master Gardeners Norma Moore & Vicky Draper.  On today’s episode of The Chat…Caroline Moore talks with local Master Gardeners Norma Moore and Vicky Draper. They discuss their lives growing up and what led them to acquiring their green thumbs, what the Master Gardener program is and the various types of projects that they ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Career Education

Corby King & Kurt Dronebarger discuss career education as schools open back up. Can you believe it? It’s already back to school time. And as schools open in White County, Putnam County, and so many of the communities across the Upper Cumberland, there will be a renewed focus on getting each student ready for the post-graduation world. There’s always been ... Read More »

The Scene: Gerry Burklow & Folk Art

Get to know Monterey folk artist Gerry Burklow and her needle felting projects.  Join host Emily Newman as she sits down with Gerry Burklow, a Monterey folk artist specializing in papier-mâché and needle felting. They discuss how she got her start with needle felting, what her artistic process is like from start to finish, as well as how her ... Read More »

The Chat With Dwight Henry: Praise Cathedral Church Of God

Praise Cathedral Church of God’s Eric Vickers discusses his call to ministry.  On today’s episode of The Chat…Dwight Henry talks with Eric Vickers, Pastor of Praise Cathedral Church of God in Cookeville. They discuss his life growing up and attending church since birth, his experience accepting Christ at the age of 8 and how that would lead him to ... Read More »

The Chat With Caroline Moore: The Silver Fern

Brie Flora and Brandy Lynn discuss the opening of their new shop The Silver Fern  On today’s episode of The Chat…Caroline Moore sits down with Brie Flora and Brandy Lynn, owners of The Silver Fern in Cookeville. They discuss their respective backgrounds and lifestyle interests, how they came together to combine their interests and open a wellness and art-centric ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Prostate Cancer

Urologist Dr. Rick Smith talks everything you need to know on prostate cancer. When this year is done, the American Cancer Society says prostate cancer will be the most common type of cancer among men. 26% of cancer cases will involve the prostate. That amounts to about 248,000 Americans, and yet prostate cancer is one form of cancer that has ... Read More »

The Scene: Susan DeMay & Clay Art

Learn more about Smithville clay artist Susan DeMay of Made By DeMay and her art.  Join host Emily Newman as she sits down with Smithville clay artist Susan DeMay. They discuss what got her into clay as a medium, the differences between throw work and hand building work when it comes to her art, as well as the various ... Read More »