Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Surveying To Begin For Rail Trail Extension

Work to expand Monterey’s rail trail will get underway this week, according to Monterey grant writer Dawn Kupferer. “The surveyor is coming this week to survey everything and to get the plans together for the bid packet,” Kupferer said. “Once we have all that together we can bid it out, accept bids, and look at the lowest bid to bring ... Read More »

State to Allow Certification of Algood Council Race

The Putnam County Election Commission will certify the Algood City Council election results Friday after being granted the opportunity by the state. Debbie Steidl is the Election Commission Administrator for Putnam County. She said both Ruby Hawkins and Justin Grant will have reason to contest the results after an audit discovered errors in the city’s results. “Three people voted in ... Read More »

Commissioners To Undergo Training As Part Of New State Law

New county commission members across the state will be required to undergo eight hours of training as part of a new state law. Putnam County Executive Randy Porter said he believes the new training requirement will be beneficial to the new members. “I think the more education that the commissioners can get when it comes to what their jobs are ... Read More »

Monterey Mayor Questions Enterprise Fund Motion

Monterey Aldermen voted last night to earmark alcoholic beverage sales for an enterprise fund that will pay for sidewalk and road projects. Alderman Rebecca Iaquinta made the motion to earmark the funds during Monday night’s board of mayor and aldermen meeting. “In all the years I have been in office, streets has always operated either on zero or negative. This ... Read More »

Smithville Mayor to Return to Court October 5

Smithville Mayor Jimmy Poss is set to appear in court October 5 for his trial as he faces theft and official misconduct charges. Poss was not present for court Monday as his attorney Tony Hagan filed a motion to waive his client’s arraignment. Both Poss and his son, Anthony, were charged last month after the Mayor hired Anthony to work ... Read More »

Smithville Council Meeting Cancelled Monday

The Smithville City Council meeting was called off Monday after only two of the city’s five aldermen were in attendance. Mayor Jimmy Poss dismissed the meeting after Aldermen Gayla Hendrix, Jason Murphy, and Danny Washer did not appear. “We don’t have enough to have a quorum. Nothing we can do. We’re done,” Poss said before banging the gavel. “Sorry guys, ... Read More »

Smoking Ban Has Little Impact On HRS

A smoking ban at public housing units across the nation had little impact on the Highlands Residential Services. HRS Executive Director Dow Harris said the agency implemented a smoke-free policy in September of 2016. “We had actually considered implementing the no smoking policy in late 2014 and early 2015 when we had experienced several fires,” Harris said. “One in particular ... Read More »

Remote Area Medical to Serve Fentress County in September

Remote Area Medical announced that the nonprofit organization will come to Fentress County this September. This marks the first time RAM will bring its services to Fentress County. RAM provides various medical services free of charge, including dental exams, eye exams, on-site prescription glasses, women’s health exams, and general medical exams. RAM does not require an ID in order to receive ... Read More »

Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Mourns Passing of Sergeant Wilson

Putnam County Sergeant Mike Wilson passed away this morning in a battle with Stage 4 Melanoma. Sheriff Eddie Farris said the Sheriff’s Office cannot replace the spirit of Sergeant Wilson. “Well, it is a sad day for us and Sergeant Wilson was certainly a loss to us. He brought so much experience just as a sergeant with our juvenile detention as ... Read More »

Cummins Falls Begins Future Reservations Planning Period

Park visitors may need permits in order to visit the gorge at Cummins Falls next summer. Photo Courtesy of Cummins Falls Facebook page.

Cummins Falls officials began the planning period to eventually implement reservations to the park. Park Manager Ray Cutcher said a group of Cummins Falls staff visited Tallulah Gorge State Park in Georgia last Wednesday. “We went through their permitting process to see how they do things and made the trip through the park to the gorge that you have to get ... Read More »