Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Monterey Receives National Rock Climbing Grant

Monterey will construct new trails with a $4,000 rock climbing conservation grant. Monterey grant writer Dawn Kupferer said the new trails will provide safe and legal access to the cliffs at Meadow Creek Park. “Before, the climbing area wasn’t accessible through the park. It was accessible through landowners,” Kupferer said. “Now we can bring more climbers in and offer a ... Read More »

Algood Discusses Fire Engine Purchase

Algood may look at purchasing a new fire engine next fiscal year. City Administrator Keith Morrison said a new engine could help lower the town’s ISO rating. “What it’s going to get you is a lower insurance rating for your residents and it’s another one of those what level of comfort are you willing to pay for?” Morrison said. “We ... Read More »

Cumberland County Playhouse Recovering After Sprinkler Malfunction

The Cumberland County Playhouse continues to assess their damages after the sprinkler system malfunctioned and flooded parts of the theater. Marketing Director John Fiomte said the Playhouse has mostly recovered as work to replace the sprinklers begins Wednesday. “We have gotten the lobby floor, which was drenched, and both of the theaters have been dried out. That took about two ... Read More »

Algood Presented Four Options For Dispatching Service

Algood city officials now know what it may cost to operate their own dispatching service. Police Deputy Chief Bryant Swallows presented four different plans during Monday’s work session that would be available to the city. “What this would do… It would provide 24/7 coverage of all the city services to the citizens,” Swallows said. “We’re talking sanitation, public works, water, ... Read More »

Bill Allowing Teachers To Have Concealed Carry Weapons Removed

Cookeville Representative Ryan Williams has withdrawn his bill allowing school teachers to have concealed carry weapons. Montgomery County Sheriff Jeff Fuson spoke against the bill during last week’s House K-12 Education Subcommittee meeting. “It doesn’t take long for folks to figure out you’re carrying a gun… Also, there’s the concern about that gun staying concealed and on the person carrying ... Read More »

Overton County Receives $50k Workforce Development Grant

Overton County will look to use grant funding to help assist in workforce development. County Executive Ben Danner said the county will have to decide what specific areas need to be addressed through the $50,000 grant. “It’s very competitive but we have to do something with workforce development,” Danner said. “We’re going to have public hearings about that and see ... Read More »

Baxter To Consider De-Annexing Elmore Town Bridge

De-annexing the Elmore Town Bridge might be the solution to getting it fixed. Baxter Mayor John Martin said de-annexing the 49-year-old bridge would allow Putnam County to make repairs. “If we de-annex this part near the bridge, the county takes it back over. You’re going to get the $206,000 in the bridge fund right now, plus the $65,000 in July,” ... Read More »

Algood Propose Property Tax Rate Decrease

The Algood City Council discussed a possible 10 percent property tax rate decrease for the 2019-2020 budget during a work session Monday. City Manager Keith Morrison said the decrease would take the rate to .4407 per hundred. “There has been some talk of cutting the per one hundred tax rate,” Morrison said. “We are currently at .4887 per 100 property ... Read More »

Overton Commissioners Approve Bid for County Building Project

Overton County commissioners approved W&O Construction’s bid Monday to construct their new county services building. County Executive Ben Danner said he’s glad the project is moving forward as the county anticipates its first new building in 150 years. “Millard Oakley gave us nearly $2.1 million to go towards this project, so if it hadn’t been for him, we’d have never ... Read More »

TDOT Begins Highway 85 Repair Work

Crews have started the process of repairing Highway 85 in Fentress and Overton Counties. TDOT Spokeswoman Jennifer Flynn said the project will cost nearly $13 million as workers begin repairs in Fentress County. ” It will address 12 separate sites along Fentress and Overton Counties,” Flynn said. “That’s been a problem as the Overton section’s been closed since Feb. 23, ... Read More »