Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Cane Creek Sportsplex Scoreboards To Be Installed In Next Couple Weeks

Eight new scoreboards will be installed in the next couple of weeks at Cookeville’s Cane Creek Sportsplex.

Leisure Services Director Rick Woods said the city received the scoreboards. He said they have to get additional equipment and find the right time to schedule the employees to put the boards up.

“Some of the scoreboards were original to the facility when it was opened in 1998 I believe it was,” Woods said. “So we were having some control issues, we were having some connection issues. So we decided it was a good time to go ahead and replace those scoreboards.”

Woods said four of the boards will be used at the adult fields and the other four will be used at the youth fields. He said they had budgeted some $65,000 for the boards.

Woods said the department tries to keep maintenance of its resources as much as possible. He said upgrading the scoreboards and keeping fields in good shape allows the city to have more opportunities for larger sporting events, such as the one coming to town this weekend.

“so that we’re prepared for and can recruit larger tournaments and it becomes attractive and is a good place to come and hold a tournament,” Woods said. “So this is just another step. We work on our fields, we did recent upgrades to provide shade at the lower fields, the upper fields we reworked fencing, we’ve redone the surfacing on the field in the past year.”

Woods said not only will this benefit outside teams, but also the ones who play locally.