Saturday, August 17, 2019
Happening Now

BZA Approves Sound Wall Between Welch Property, Playground

Cookeville’s Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) has approved a property owner’s request to construct a sound barrier near the Heart of the City Playground.

Planning Director James Mills said the request comes off a lawsuit filed by property owner Woody Welch over a noise complaint regarding the playground.

“Mr. Welch has requested he be allowed to construct a wall of up to a maximum height of 20 feet along his entire southern border and extend it approximately 12 feet onto the Robertson property,” Mills said. “The length of the proposed wall is approximately 120 feet. Mr. Welch has indicated the wall height is necessary to reduce the noise emanating from Dogwood Park.”

The BZA called a special meeting Tuesday in order to vote on the issue. Mills said the approval from the BZA comes with some stipulations requested by the city.

“The city will ask the BZA to establish reasonable conditions for design and construction requirements,” Mills said, “that are reasonably necessary to produce a wall that is structurally sound, safe, and durable given its proximity to the playground and Dogwood Park.”

The BZA had previously tabled the item in February 2018 after Welch filed the lawsuit against the city. The settlement agreement includes a $20,000 payment by the city to Welch.