Friday, December 2, 2022
Happening Now

Byrdstown’s Restored Gulf Station Considered A Success Through First Tourism Season

With summer tourism coming to a close, Byrdstown Mayor Sam Gibson said its renovated classic gas station was a success in its first season.

The restored Gulf Gas Station on Main Street opened in May. Gibson said the landmark has caused more people to stop in town while visiting Dale Hollow Lake.

“That has continued to be a good conversation piece for Pickett County,” Gibson said. “Everyday we have visitors especially during vacation season. We have a lot of people pass through town and people see that and stop. We continue to have people every single day to stop and visit.”

Gibson said moving forward, the city wants to incorporate the gas station with other seasonal events. Gibson said the city also repaved around the gas station, so participation in car shows and movie nights have increased.

Gibson said the museum of Pickett County inside the station will remain open throughout the year. Gibson said the collection has continued to grow with donations coming in weekly. Gibson said you can find vehicles dating back to the 1930’s and vintage gas station memorabilia.