Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Happening Now

Byrdstown Continuing Efforts To Map Chanute-Pall Mall Utility District

Byrdstown’s mapping of the Chanute-Pall Mall water system taking longer than anticipated.

The town received a $50,000 grant last year to locate water lines. Mayor Sam Gibson described the process as hectic as the town’s water department tries to learn the system.

“There are so many creeks and roads there in Pall Mall that we are not familiar with, and these lines go across a lot of those creeks,” Gibson said. “So, we got many of them there that we are trying to deal with, and we have some leaks that we are trying to find.”

Gibson said he wants a map of the utility district sometime early next year. Gibson said having a blueprint of the system is the first step in trying to improve infrastructure.

“Once we do that just like with our city lines we have, we have a map that shows every waterline that we have, what size it is and where the shutoff valves are at,” Gibson said. “Once this grant is completed, we will have that too for Pall Mall.”

Byrdstown purchased the utility district almost two years ago. Overall, Gibson said the process has not impacted customers. Gibson said the town has been able to add several new meters since acquiring the system.