Friday, July 19, 2024
Happening Now

Byrdstown Approves Sewer Pump Station Repairs

Byrdstown Aldermen approved the purchase of a replacement sewer pump Monday night, after the pump malfunctioned some three weeks ago.

Byrdstown Mayor Sam Gibson said the system normally runs on two pumps but the first one went down a year ago. The city had implemented a bypass to run off of one pump. Then, the second pump malfunctioned. Gibson said the price tag for repairs from a local company, $74,000.

“I felt like it was a really good deal,” Gibson said. “They are close and if we have problems they can be here and especially feel real good about the fact that they got us an emergency you know bypass pump up here quick, so you know it is good to have friends like that.”

The price includes two pumps and labor to have them installed. Gibson said the replacement pumps will address all pumping and wiring issues the city has had for some time.

“There are some things that’s been a problem for many years,” Gibson said. “We are going to eliminate all the problems.”

Gibson said it was critical to get the pump station addressed before more problems occur.

“You don’t want sewer to overflow,” Gibson said. “That’s a no-no here, really anywhere in the state.”

The city will remain on the emergency pump until the two replacement pumps are installed. Gibson said the purchase order of the pumps will take effect immediately and estimates the installation of the pumps will begin within the next two weeks.

In other business, Aldermen addressed the Byrdstown 4th of July fireworks show, which experienced a glitch that caused some of the fireworks not to fire. Gibson said the company issued an apology for the issue and offered to pay back half of the cost of the show and also cover half of the cost of next year’s fireworks show. Gibson said overall he received positive feedback on the celebration.

The city cleaned up the old Builder’s Supply property and gathered scrap and meters. Gibson said everything has been sold for a sum of $22,800.