Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Happening Now

Bulldogs To Receive Sheriff’s Escort As They Head To State Championship

Clay County making preparations to send off the Bulldogs to their first football state championship this Friday.

Sheriff Brandon Boone said his department plans to escort the players out of the county as they travel to Chattanooga. He said he also expects a large community turnout to send their well-wishes.

“Clay County has always been a close-knit community and at times like this they really pull together, we have a huge fanbase,” Boone said. “And this is the first time for our football program.”

Boone said it is important that the young athletes know they have the community’s support. He said some local businesses are making t-shirts to sell to fans who are traveling to watch the game in Chattanooga.

Boone said when the Bulldogs are ever in play-offs or championships, the atmosphere in Celina is always good. He said the community is excited to see the team represent the county and come home with a gold football.