Monday, June 27, 2022
Happening Now

Boyd Farris Road under Discussion for Rezoning

A portion of Boyd Farris Road in Cookeville may be rezoned for light manufacturing.

The Cookeville City Council discussed the ordinance yesterday.

Planning director James Mills presented the rezoning.

“Currently there is an equipment rental located before the sales and service business on the property,” Mills said. “The purpose of the rezoning is to rely on bulk sales of propane which would require 3 thousand gallon propane tank. Propane bulk sales are committed uses in LM and HM but not in the CI.”

The area is currently zoned for commercial-industrial mix use and under seven acres, Mills said.

Mills said the rezoning was initiated by Upper Cumberland Rental and Sales.

Catherine Wallace, a homeowner on Boyd Farris Road, said various families feel threatened that their residential space will decrease.

“While we would never wish any ill will towards somebody trying to build their business, we have a duty to maintain the integrity of the lands adjacent to our property that divide us from the current mix use property,” Wallace said. “There are six of these properties located on Boyd Farris Road. Collectively these businesses already create congestion and unorganized entry to our road.”

Wallace said she and her husband Joseph Wallace spoke with seven families who had the same opinion.

The city council tabled the ordinance for further study.