Friday, April 3, 2020
Happening Now

Boy Scouts File For Bankruptcy, Local Troops Not Affected

The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy Tuesday.

Cookeville Troop 156 Scoutmaster Terry Foutch said local troops shouldn’t be affected.

“You know right down to the bottom line of the program, it’s about the individual youth. I think we’re going to continue to serve the individual youth while national takes care of the problems from the past,” Foutch said.

BSA filed Chapter 11 due to the wake of thousands of sexual abuse cases coming to light over the years.

Foutch said the national BSA is creating a compensation fund for the victims.

“The affects of the past are the affects of the past, and I think BSA has recognized where they had legal and liability exposure. I think there are opportunities for some adults who have not done the things they’re supposed to do and they’ve not protected the youth the way we do now. Those programs have been updated and are in effect. This bankruptcy reorganization gives them the opportunity to do that,” Foutch said.

Local troops are sponsored through a local organization such as a church or school. The troops and chapters are under a non-profit council and the council is under the national organization. Foutch said the council Troop 156 is under, the Middle Tennessee Council, is one of the largest and most financially stable councils in the nation.

“There are currently significant youth protection strategies. We all train every year, there’s never an opportunity for youth to be one on one with an adult. There’s always at least one trained leader and one other adult at every outing at every opportunity. There’s an accountability there that I think wasn’t there in the past,” Foutch said.

Troop 156 has over 50 youths and over 30 adults helping with the youths, Foutch added.