Monday, June 27, 2022
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Boating Citations Decrease with Rainy Weekend

TWRA issued twenty-three citations over the Memorial Day weekend, a decrease from last year according to Law Enforcement Major CJ Jaynes.

A rainy weekend affects the number of citations issued.

Mime Barnes is the Wildlife Information Specialist for TWRA.

“So the number of vessels on the water decreases with inclement weather. So when there are storms in the area or scattered showers, many people are far less likely to take their boats out on the water,” Barnes said.”Unless they live on the water that is. They may go out for a short period of time. If they are calling for bad weather, we appreciate when vessels aren’t out there because it can create dangerous situations.”

No BUI arrests were made in District 31.

District 31 includes Overton, Putnam, Cumberland, White, Vanburen, Warren, Dekalb, Morgan, Jackson, Fentress and Pickett County.

Jaynes reported twenty-three citations in District 32 as well. TWRA had one BUI arrest in District 32.

District 32 covers the Chattanooga area.

Barnes said the TWRA encourages safe boating practices, including avoiding inclement weather.

“I would remind people to always wear a life jacket and never operate a vessel under the influence of alcohol. Those are two big messages we are always trying to get out this time of year,” Barnes said. “And to watch for bad weather events. Plan your boating around those times just to keep you and your family and other vessels on the water safe.”