Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Bishop Park Sees Name Change, Donation

Upon donation to The City of Livingston, the plot of land known as Bishop Park will now go by Bishop’s Corner.

That according to Chairman of the Livingston Downtown Revitalization Committee Ray Evans.

Livingston accepted the Bishop’s Corner donation during the January meeting.

“So we are actually going to call it Bishop’s Corner. It just has a nice ring to it,” Evans said. “So I think that was included in the resolution and will be included in the deed of dedication as well.”

Evans said crews finished most construction and landscaping on the property.

“We still have two benches to be added. Standard City of Livingston benches to be added to the park,” Evans said. “They should be added within the next two weeks.”

Evans said the park project began in 2016 when he bought the corner property on Livingston Square from Budd and Julia Bishop.

“Budd contracted a very aggressive cancer and died in the latter part of 2016,” Evans said. “Because of all of his efforts, several folks wanted to name the large park, central park, in Budd’s honor. But Budd just simply wouldn’t allow that to take place. ”

Evans said he received permission from Bishop to create a pocket park in his honor.

The park involves landscaping elements and a water feature. The Livingston Board of Aldermen and Mayor accepted the donation during the January meeting. Livingston will now take responsibility for the park.