Thursday, August 16, 2018
Happening Now

Bill Bilbrey Sworn in As Algood City Council Member

The town of Algood has a new city council member.

Algood Mayor Kirk Dyer and Councilwoman Carolyn Norris appointed Bill Bilbrey to fill one of three vacant city council seats Tuesday night.

Dyer and Norris were able to appoint the position after a ruling from a chancery court judge on Monday morning.

Bilbrey has served 18-years with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, but never in public office. He said he’s not worried about the difficulties that can come with the position.

“It’s been a rough ride up to this point, but hopefully things will smooth our and start running pretty good in the city of Algood,” Bilbrey said. “All positions have difficulties, but you just have to handle them as they come.”

Algood was left with only two city council members after the resignation of former Mayor Scott Bilbrey nearly two weeks ago. In February, councilwoman Jennifer Green resigned and in September councilman Richard Head also resigned when he moved out of city limits.

Under the rules of the city charter, only a three member council is considered a quorum.

The two remaining council seats will be filled before the new year.