Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Happening Now

Bill Would Amend Annexation Law

State Representative Ryan Williams has filed a bill that would amend the state’s annexation law.

The bill would reduce the number of owners required to consent to annexation without a referendum from all affected property owners to a majority of property owners.

Cookeville Planning Director James Mills said the city requested the change to the law after voting to annex the Mackie Farm area earlier this month.

“Holding a referendum for annexation is really a moot point. In this one we have a prospect that’s looking to locate on the property, but if we have to wait months to hold an election we could lose a prospect.” Mills said.

Mills said in the Mackie Farm annexation case, only seven of nine property owners signed on for annexation, meaning a referendum must be held May 1st. That means even if the bill is approved, the referendum for the annexation will still take place. Since it’s an election year, the referendum will cost the city $1,000 instead of the usual $5,000.