Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Best Way To Save While School Shopping: Follow Supply Lists

The best way to not over spend while school shopping is to simply follow supply lists provided by teachers.

Local Elementary School teacher Carrie Roberson has taught for 14 years. She said often times, a Board of Education approves supplies before the school year begins.

“Each grade level at each school then takes that approved lists, and they’ll either delete the quantity or delete the whole item all together if not needed,” Roberson said. “So that has saved quite a bit of money.”

Roberson said you can also save money by just buying a little of each supply at a time. Roberson said this ensures that you will not pick up any unneeded items.

“One way you can save money is to just buy a little at a time, so look for those common items,” Roberson said. “Like pencils are always going to be needed no matter the grade level, scissors and paper.”

“Most teachers will provide the list, and there are also ways that we will work with parents,” Roberson said. “If a family are not able to get those supplies at that time, more than likely the teacher has a stockpile of supplies they bought themselves.”