Thursday, October 21, 2021
Happening Now

Baxter Primary Pick-Up Line Repaving Coming Soon

The Baxter Primary School car pick-up line is set for paving in two to three weeks.

Deputy Schools Director Tim Martin said Elmore Town Road loop as well as the connector drive running between the new park and softball field, will be paved.

Martin said the project disrupting student pick up is yet to be determined.

“I don’t have that information yet, hopefully we’ll get the road department with the principals down there,” Martin said. “Then the principals will be able to get that information out to everybody as soon as they have a plan.”

Martin said the connector drive from 1st Avenue south to Cow Palace Drive has been the road parents have wanted paved over the past several months.

The project is a partnership between the county and school system. The Putnam County School System will pay $24,500 for the materials, with the county providing the labor.