Sunday, July 12, 2020
Happening Now

Baxter Moving Forward With Industrial Access Road For Portobello

The future Portobello facility in Baxter will require the construction of a new road.

Mayor John Martin said aldermen have granted him authority to execute the project.

“What it is, there will be a third lane from the interstate to the top of the hill on Baxter Road,” Martin said. “There will be a new parallel East and West road, running from Baxter Road to Portobello’s site.”

Martin signed a contract with TDOT last week for assistance in constructing and completing the industrial access road. He said the road will be vital for the traffic that will eventually be going to and from the ceramic tile manufacturing facility.

“Ditty Road, that will be closed eventually up to Portobello,” Martin said. “We will use it just strictly for utilities. That’s where we will probably have our water and sewer lines.”

A production facility and the company’s U.S. headquarters will be located at the old Tennessee Motor Speedway site.