Friday, October 7, 2022
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Baxter Mayor Addresses Fiesta Cancun Rumors
Baxter Mayor John Martin addressed several concerns about the future of Fiesta Cancun during Thursday's Aldermen and Mayor meeting. He said the owners are in fact coming and looks to meet with them in the near future (File Photo)

Baxter Mayor Addresses Fiesta Cancun Rumors

Baxter Mayor John Martin wants residents to know Fiesta Cancun is in fact coming to town.

Martin said he’s heard from several concerned citizens regarding speculation that the restaurant wasn’t going to be built.

“There’s so many people that’s come to our meetings and say ‘Fiesta’s not coming, Fiesta’s not coming,'” Martin said. “I’ve had a lot of meetings with the owners and they’re just wonderful people. We eat there all the time. They are assuring me that they are coming to Baxter. They’re looking forward to it and what they’re going to build is a showplace.”

Martin said he’s looking forward to when Fiesta Cancun finally opens in the city.

“I’ve seen their plans of what they’re wanting to do inside the restaurant [and] their outside venue where they’re going to have patios,” Martin said. “It’s going to be beautiful with the lighting and everything they’ve done. It’s really going to be a showplace of a restaurant.”

Martin said he hopes to meet with the owners again soon to continue discussing the details as they plan a major project.

“We need to start having these meetings because you’ve got to have the meetings to plan something this big,” Martin said. “This is a big project for what they’re planning on building. They’ve got to line up builders, they’ve got to line up excavators. There’s a lot involved – you just don’t go out and start building a building. They want to make it right before they ever start this.”

Martin said he hopes construction on the new restaurant is completed next spring. Fiesta Cancun purchased approximately five acres along Olan Maxwell Road with room for expansion if needed.