Saturday, August 17, 2019
Happening Now

Baxter Getting Closer To Awarding Garbage Truck Bid

Baxter Aldermen decided not to award the bid for a new garbage truck during last week’s board meeting.

Mayor John Martin said city officials did not have enough time to review bids for the new vehicle.

“We are in the process, and I know the board is in full agreement that we are going to do a garbage truck,” Martin said. “I know we’ve waited a long time for this, but it’s hard to make a recommendation on a $200,000 piece of equipment and $60,000 worth of garbage cans without looking at your bids.”

Martin said he may schedule a special-called meeting later this month for the board to make a final decision.

“I don’t really think tonight we need to make a recommendation or accept a bid until everybody looks at it,” Martin said. “I don’t want to spend that kind of money and not know exactly what we are looking at.”

Martin said the new truck will have a sidearm lift to keep workers from having to load the garbage into the truck.

“We’re looking at getting people off the back of a garbage truck,” Martin said. “It will save money as far as workman’s comp, and I know it will save their backs and their health.”

The board solicited bids for the new truck and garbage cans during the March board meeting. The public works department opened the sealed bids last week.