Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Happening Now

Baxter Considering Amending Landscape Ordinance For R-2 Housing

Baxter is considering amending its landscaping ordinance to require more green space for incoming high-density residential buildings.

Building Inspector Bob Lane brought up the matter in a planning session Thursday. Lane said the existing ordinance is a one size fit all model that is too vague.

“We’re actually going to look at the set backs of some of the bigger buildings, apartment buildings,”  Lane said. “We may scoot them back from street just a little bit more. These are growing pains when you have a small town like this, and this much development happens at one time.”

Lane said he also wants to explore adding a sidewalk requirement to create a buffer between town homes and streets. Lane said as it stands, Baxter does not govern high residential zoning in regards to setbacks.

“Technically, we don’t have a law that says how to do it and what to do,” Lane said. “I think Tommy (Lee), you and I need to work on that a little bit. Maybe bring something to the council and get that in the ordinance.”

Lane said leaving that room for landscaping would help make Baxter more attractive. Lane said amending ordinance now would be a good idea as more development continues to come to the town.