Friday, December 2, 2022
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Baxter Approves Annexation Of 60-Acre Plot For High Density Development

Baxter Board of Aldermen approved the annexation of two properties Thursday along Dale Myers Lane and Gainesboro Highway, with future development planned for Coon Hunt Road.

The 50 to 60 acres had been rezoned to super high-density residential by the planning commission earlier Thursday evening. Building and Codes Inspector Bob Lane said the same developer is working to buildout both properties.

“That’ll be Dale Myers, he’ll do phase one there, which is about 60 units,” Lane said. “And then that road will probably extend back and probably turn back out onto Coon Hunt and we annexed the property over in there and that will become phase two, and there will probably a phase three. There will probably be about 500 or 600 structures in there when that’s all done.”

Lane said super high-density residential developments allow for zero lot lines. He said the zoning is the most density the city allows per square foot.

Lane said Baxter already has several super high-density zones, including Baxter Crossroads and another parcel near Upperman High School. He said the zoning is popular with developers because of the current costs of property.

Developer Jackie Schubert said the development will feature amenities like walking trails, playgrounds, and potentially a pool.

“Between Cookeville and Nashville I feel like there’s a lot of people that live in Lebanon, it’s expensive to live in Lebanon now and they’ll move this direction,” Schubert said. “I think it will be great for the community and great for the area.”

The Board also approved a resolution to adopt a plan of services for the properties.