Thursday, September 20, 2018
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High School Playbook: Football Week 3 Breakdown

Let’s talk Friday night Football Games starting with Stone Memorial vs Dekalb Co. Every week on The High School Playbook, we break down high school games from around the Upper Cumberland and talk to the coaches and players that play them. Stone Memorial takes on Dekalb County. This Thursday, we take a look at Week 3 Football Action. Get a ... Read More »

Parental Guidance Suggested: Happytime Murders

Jane & Adam discuss why the Happytime Murders will leave you anything but happy. Content hosted by Adam Cravens and Jane Ellen watch more movies each month than most people do in a year. This week’s episode is about Happytime Murders.  You will have the opposite of a happy time if you choose to watch this move.  Hard pass. Read More »

Local Matters With Matt Swallows: Livingston Mayor

Mayor Curtis Hayes on budgets, ongoing community enhancement projects and more! Content hosted by Covering the issues that matter to you. Every weekday. On today’s Local Matters… Livingston Mayor Curtis Hayes talks to Matt Swallows about the recently approved budget, ongoing community enhancement projects, and the new ordinance voters approved for package liquor store sales. Listen to the latest ... Read More »

Optimizing Your Health: Complicated Ankle Issues

Pain in your leg could be displaced from one overlooked area, your ankle. Content hosted by Advice from Dr. Nathaniel Mainord of Optimal Health & Performance. Today on Optimizing Your Health… If you’ve been dealing with lower back and hip pain, pain down your leg that seems untreatable, it may be displaced pain. Treatments and therapies may help relieve ... Read More »

Local Matters With Bob Bell: Putnam County Special Services

Melanie Bussell from Putnam County Schools on student health programs and more. Content hosted by Covering the issues that matter to you. Every weekday. On today’s Local Matters… Bob Bell is joined by Student Services Supervisor Melanie Bussell with Putnam County Schools as they talk about her role with counselors, student health, and the other programs available to students ... Read More »

Binge Or Cringe: Very Cavallari & The Fugitive

Jane and Adam review a Nashville Reality Show and an HBO film adaption TV Series. Content hosted by It’s the shows you’ll love enough to binge and the shows that’ll make you cringe. This time we didn’t go for streaming services original content only.  We started with a reality show filmed in Nashville called Very Cavallari.  Definite cringe on ... Read More »

Local Matters With Judy Duke: Music to Speech Language Pathologist

Dr. Mindy Richards talks with Judy Duke about her personal and professional life. Content hosted by Covering the issues that matter to you. Every weekday. On today’s Local Matters… A career in music education, a career as a Commander/Conductor in the United States Air Force and as a certified speech-language pathologist, Dr Mindy Richards talks to Judy Duke about ... Read More »

Your Health & You: National Immunization Awareness Month

It’s National Immunization Awareness month and we discuss the importance of them. Content hosted by You And Your Health… Better informed… Better prepared… Living a better life in the Upper Cumberland. Sarah Smith and Melissa Marcum, Registered Nurses with the Putnam County Health Department discuss the importance and availability of immunizations during National Immunization Awareness Month.   Presented by ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Increasing Suicide Rates

The issue of suicide among celebrities, middle aged men and other age groups. A growing number of people are choosing to commit, or attempt the act of suicide. Across the country there has been an increase in the last several years. Laura Tedesco, Vice President of Crisis Services and Anne Stamps, Director at Plateau Mental Health Center in Cookeville join ... Read More »

BusinessWorks: Leadership Building Training

New hires? Long term employees? Where do you apply training in your business? Content hosted by From growing an idea to slowing down turnover, it’s all how Business Works. Building your business through your employees comes down to the training they’ve been given to help your meet your goals. Hal and Johnny look at the ways traning can be ... Read More »