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Today In The Upper Cumberland: Healthcare

Healthcare isn’t a new election issue, we talk about ACO’s with Dr. Brent Stanton As we prepare to head to the polls for another election, one of the issues at the forefront for many is healthcare. There are however several groups of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers, who are trying to find a different way to make healthcare ... Read More »

Business Works: Creating Product Plans

What you should and probably shouldn’t include in a product plan. Content hosted by From growing an idea to slowing down turnover, it’s all how Business Works. Product planning involves all of the internally focused decisions, steps and tasks that will be necessary to develop a successful product. The first step is to find the best plan for creating ... Read More »

The Press Box: World Series, Titans & Vols

The Press Box Artwork

Moose discusses The World Series, the Titan’s bye-week and previews the Vols game. Content hosted by We know how much you love sports and trust us when we say that Moose Michaels loves sports just as much as you. On this episode of the Pressbox, The World Series is in full swing but how many teams have actually come ... Read More »

The Blue Pig Pigskin Plate: Green Beans and Pears

Kent Birdwell explains to us how Green Beans and Pears are a great Fall Dish. Content hosted by Marcia Lee and Kent Birdwell of The Blue Pig, bring you weekly game day recipes! This week’s Blue Pig Pigskin Plate Recipe is GREEN BEANS AND PEARS! Learn from Kent Birdwell of The Blue Pig how a few simple ingredients can ... Read More »

Choose Health: Food For Thought

We offer some food for thought when it comes to thinking about your gut health. Content hosted by Holistic Health: A life approach to health that emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit. We’ve given you the basics of how your gut works and why you should trust it, but what can you do to keep it healthy? ... Read More »

Local Matters With Dwight Henry: God’s Point of View of New You

Pastor Ron Allen begins a 3-part series looks at God’s point of view versus yours Content hosted by Covering the issues that matter to you. Every weekday. On today’s Local Matters…Co Hosts Pastor Ron Allen and Dwight Henry discuss spiritual matters and how they impact daily life. They begin a new three part series that looks at the new ... Read More »

The Calling: Meet Kathy Mattson

Following the calling from the school classroom to a different kind of classroom. Content hosted by All across the Upper Cumberland, there are everyday people who are lead to do more than everyday things. Kathy Mattson has spent most of her career as an educator. Working with young students and also with adults and older students. She is in ... Read More »

High School Playbook: Football Week 11 Breakdown

Let’s talk Friday night Football Games starting with Sequatchie vs Upperman. Every week on The High School Playbook, we break down high school games from around the Upper Cumberland and talk to the coaches and players that play them. The Upperman Bees take on The Sequatchie County Indians. This Thursday, we take a look at Week 11 Football Action. Get ... Read More »

Parental Guidance Suggested: Halloween

Jane & Adam discuss the new sequel to Halloween and what you should do to prepare. Content hosted by Adam Cravens and Jane Ellen watch more movies each month than most people do in a year. This week’s episode is about Halloween. Halloween is a must see for anyone who likes suspense. Watch the original Halloween from 40 years ... Read More »

Local Matters With Matt Swallows: Algood Mayor

Local Matters Podcast Artwork

Mayor Lisa Chapman-Fowler discusses her return to office and proposed projects. Content hosted by Covering the issues that matter to you. Every weekday. On today’s Local Matters…Recently re-elected Algood Mayor Lisa Chapman Fowler talks with host Matt Swallows about her return to office. They discuss her earlier term in office and accomplishments then compared to proposed projects. Listen to ... Read More »