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Today In The Upper Cumberland: Autism Tennessee

Babs Tierno discusses Autism Tennessee & the many services it provides families. New science shows Autism more prevalent than ever though. The study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics….said 1 in 40 children have Autism. That’s up from the previous estimate of 1 in 59 children. More disturbing, the study found that 30 percent of those diagnosed on the Autistic ... Read More »

Business Works: Credit Cards vs. Loans For Startups

Credit cards or loans? Which is better for getting your business off the ground? Content hosted by From growing an idea to slowing down turnover, it’s all how Business Works. Finances play a critical role early on in a startup’s life, but how can you tell which types of financial assistance are right for you? Credit cards may come ... Read More »

The Press Box: What’s Happening With Baseball & Vols Basketball

The Press Box Artwork

Moose discusses Vols game against #1 Gonzaga & tells what’s going on in baseball Content hosted by We know how much you love sports and trust us when we say that Moose Michaels loves sports just as much as you. The baseball hot stove is heating up and Vol basketball looks to knock off  #1 Gonzaga this Sunday. Moose ... Read More »

Local Matters With Dwight Henry: How To Control Your Emotions I

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Pastor Ron Allen & Dwight Henry talk about taking responsibility of your emotions Content hosted by Covering the issues that matter to you. Every weekday. On today’s Local Matters…Co Hosts Pastor Ron Allen and Dwight Henry discuss spiritual matters and how they impact daily life. This week they begin a two part discussion on how to control and take ... Read More »

High School Playbook: Conversations With Local Boys Basketball Coaches

Talking High School Sports And What To Expect With Local Boys Basketball Coaches Every week on The High School Playbook, we break down high school games from around the Upper Cumberland and talk to the coaches and players that play them. This episode we’re having conversations with local boys basketball coaches.   Get a preview for the Upper Cumberland’s biggest ... Read More »

Local Matters With Lynda LaCoax: Mental Health

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Licensed Professional Counselor Caroline Bravo & the importance of mental health Content hosted by Covering the issues that matter to you. Every weekday. On today’s Local Matters…Host Lynda LaCoax meets with Caroline Bravo, a licensed professional counselor. They discuss her history in the field of psychology and the importance of mental health. Listen to the latest Local Matters Podcast… ... Read More »

Parental Guidance Suggested: Robin Hood

Jane and Adam discuss the new movie Robin Hood is it worth watching or overdone? Content hosted by Adam Cravens and Jane Ellen watch more movies each month than most people do in a year. This week’s episode is about Robin Hood. Not horrible. But not good either. The story of Robin Hood has been done so many times ... Read More »

Local Matters With Matt Swallows: Cookeville Rescue Mission

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Executive Director Bruce Bailey on the Bell Ringing Project and services provided Content hosted by Covering the issues that matter to you. Every weekday. On today’s Local Matters…Matt Swallows sits down with Bruce Bailey, Executive Director of the Cookeville Rescue Mission. They discuss the services that the Rescue Mission provides, as well as this year’s Bell Ringing Project. Listen ... Read More »

Optimizing Your Health: Back Pain

Dealing with minor lower back pain? The muscles in your hips could be the cause. Content hosted by Advice from Dr. Nathaniel Mainord of Optimal Health & Performance. Uncomfortable from sitting at work all day? Have you reached a plateau in your workout that you just can’t get past? Lower back pain may be the culprit. Dr. Mainord offers ... Read More »

Local Matters With Bob Bell: Algood Elementary Librarian

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Carol Teeters on the recycling program at Algood Elementary & the award they won Content hosted by Covering the issues that matter to you. Every weekday. On today’s Local Matters…Bob Bell talks with Algood Elementary School’s librarian, Carol Teeters. They discuss Algood Elementary’s recycling program, and how it led to the school receiving an Eastman Good Sports Award for ... Read More »