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The Calling: Meet Jack Ray

Following the call to provide service to people all across the Upper Cumberland. Content hosted by All across the Upper Cumberland, there are everyday people who are lead to do more than everyday things. Jack Ray has spent his life experiencing and serving the communities of Monterey and the Upper Cumberland. As Chairman of the Board at the Putnam ... Read More »

Business Works: Business Branding, Booster & Life

Your branding is influenced by a lot more than just your logos and presentation. Content hosted by From growing an idea to slowing down turnover, it’s all how Business Works. While a business’s logo or employee uniform may come to mind when thinking about their branding, a lot more goes into their branding than just physical attributes. Your attitude ... Read More »

Local Matters With Dwight Henry: When Everything Changed

Local Matters Podcast Artwork

Pastor Ron Allen and Dwight reflect on when everything changed with Jesus’ birth Content hosted by Covering the issues that matter to you. Every weekday. On today’s Local Matters…Co Hosts Pastor Ron Allen and Dwight Henry discuss spiritual matters and how they impact daily life. This week they reflect on the subject of when everything changed with the birth ... Read More »

The Calling: Meet Philip Jamieson

Following the call from pulpit ministry to join the United Methodist Foundation. Content hosted by All across the Upper Cumberland, there are everyday people who are lead to do more than everyday things. Philip Jamieson has spent his life traveling, studying, and helping various churches and organizations along the way. Now he serves as the President of the United ... Read More »

Parental Guidance Suggested: Widows & Once Upon A Deadpool

Jane and Adam talk movies: Widows & Once Upon A Deadpool are they worth watching? Content hosted by Adam Cravens and Jane Ellen watch more movies each month than most people do in a year. This week’s episode features Widows and Once Upon a Deadpool.  Widows is a solid drama with many A-list actors in cameos, but it’s not ... Read More »

Optimizing Your Health: Mid-Back Stiffness

The mid-back plays a large role in our mobility, & ability to take deep breaths. Content hosted by Advice from Dr. Nathaniel Mainord of Optimal Health & Performance. Suffering from some mid-back stiffness? Having trouble taking deep enough breaths throughout the day? These two issues go hand in hand, and can be relieved by some simple stretching. Dr. Mainord ... Read More »