Monday, June 24, 2019
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Silver Point Man Allegedly Strikes Semi, Arrested For DUI

A Silver Point man landed behind bars Tuesday for allegedly driving drunk. The Baxter Police Department charged 72-year-old Roy Denton Lewis with driving under the influence. Officer Brandon Herron responded to Elmore Town Road after a motorist reported a silver truck driving recklessly. Herron later made contact with a semi-truck driver who stated the same truck struck his vehicle. The ... Read More »

Aldermen Authorize Bid Letting For Monterey Stormwater Project

Monterey Aldermen authorized the bid letting for a stormwater drainage project Tuesday. Engineer Jerry Warren said he plans to bid out the project once he hears back from TDEC about permits. “The plans are basically finalized and we’ve talked to TDEC on permitting,” Warren said. “I’m waiting for information back from TDEC to see if they want to put any ... Read More »

New Budget Fails In Monterey

Monterey Aldermen voted against a new budget Tuesday without any discussion. Alderman J.J. Reels said after the meeting he had questions about the budget and the process of approving it. “There’s some things funded in the budget that we were questioning, and the biggest thing is we didn’t have a lot of chance to sit down as a group and ... Read More »

Putnam County Considering $50 Re-Inspection Fee

Putnam County is considering implementing a $50 re-inspection fee on building projects (File Photo)

The Putnam County Fiscal Review Committee has recommended a $50 re-inspection fee for the codes department. County Mayor Randy Porter said the additional fee would address an issue that began during the current building boom. “An issue has been coming up where contractors have notified the codes department that their construction is ready to be inspected,” Porter said. “Our codes ... Read More »

Committee Cuts Parks And Recreation Budget

The Putnam County Budget Committee cut $33,250 from the Parks and Recreation budget Monday. A majority of that funding would have hired a full-time custodial worker to clean ballpark facility restrooms. Committee member Jonathan Williams said he would rather see that position hired on a part-time basis. “Our facilities, as good as they are, are lacking compared to other communities,” ... Read More »

Putnam Budgets $5.8 Million For Capital Projects

The Putnam County Budget Committee approved on Monday a $5.8 million capital projects budget. Committee Chairman Ben Rodgers said increased sales tax revenue allows the county to take on the projects next year. “A big portion of sales tax goes to debt service, and right now our principal and interest payments are lower than our revenue,” Rodger said. “So we ... Read More »

Fentress County To Rebuild Recycling Center After Fire

Fentress County will look to rebuild its main recycling center after a fire destroyed the building last week. County Executive Jimmy Johnson said damages amount to $630,000. “That’s what our inventory came to, plus what revenue we will lose for not being able to recycle,” Johnson said “but we will put things back together. We’re just grateful that we have ... Read More »

Fire Destroys Single-Wide Trailer In Monterey

A Monday morning fire destroyed a single-wide trailer in Monterey. Monterey Fire Chief Kevin Peters said a total of seven firemen responded to the Peter Avenue address at 3:06 a.m. Peters said a female occupant escaped the home before firemen arrived on scene. “We got it put out within 15 or 20 minutes,” Peters said. “We were there doing overhaul ... Read More »

Monterey To Vote on Stormwater Project

Monterey officials may vote on Tuesday to begin a stormwater drainage project. Mayor Bill Wiggins said he expects a bid proposal to be presented by engineer Jerry Warren “We think, after conversations with Jerry and me signing applications for permits, Jerry will have a bid package where we can advertise for bids to address the stormwater drainage problem,” Wiggins said. ... Read More »

Veterans Cemetery Search Facing Challenges

The state continues to face challenges during it’s search for a location to build an Upper Cumberland State Veterans Cemetery. Finding property within the market value poses the biggest challenge, according to Department of Veterans Services Assistant Commissioner Travis Murphy. “We’ve had some conversations with landowners, and there are some expectations that are certainly higher than where the market in ... Read More »