Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Attorney Confirms Contract To Reopen Cumberland River Hospital In The Works

A group of individuals is currently negotiating a contract to reopen the Cumberland River Hospital.

Attorney William Birdwell, who represents the party, gave a report to the Celina Board of Aldermen Tuesday night.

“We want to reassure everyone that this is a real effort that is underway,” Birdwell said. “We expect good things to come in the next few weeks, and as we can we will be happy to disseminate information, but we just can’t do it at this time.”

Birdwell said negotiations, “are going well. They’re progressing.” Birdwell said an evaluation of the facility has also been shared with city and Clay County officials.

Alderman Kenny Westmoreland asked Birdwell for an official timeline on reopening during the meeting. Birdwell said as soon as a timeline is available, it will be shared.

“The though of getting our hospital back, that is advantageous for us for years to come for people retiring here and for people that are local,” Westmoreland said.

Mayor Luke Collins said reopening the facility has been his number one priority as mayor.

“The whole community has worked on it,” Collins said. “That’s what’s important. If it does get back open, we need to support it.”

Hospital Owner Johnny Presley was not present at the Board of Aldermen meeting. Presley confirmed last year that the asking price for the facility was $1.5 million. An updated price was not shared during the meeting.

Presley has also said that geriatric companies and third-party healthcare groups have expressed interest in purchasing the hospital.

The Cumberland River Hospital has shut down twice. Once in 2019 and again in 2020. A controversy of local EMS not bringing patients to the facility and lack of medicare funding were the reasons.