Sunday, June 24, 2018
Happening Now

Art Circle Library’s New Director Interested In Technology

After serving 30 years at the Art Circle Public Library, James Houston has taken over as the Crossville library’s director.

And he plans to get to work on technology.

“We want to merge traditional library services and advance our technological abilities,” Houston said. “We want to introduce new apps that would help people connect to us better so that we can better serve them.”

When Houston began his work at the Art Circle Public Library, the wooden card catalog sat as the centerpiece of the library. Now, you can scroll through the library’s offerings via the facility website.

“You can now download a book and read it on your smartphone or I-Pad or any other mobile device,” Houston said. “That was a big change.”

In addition to a focus of technical advances, Houston said he also wants to focus on staff training.

The Library’s Board of Directors voted 7-2 to install Houston as director last week. He replaces Susie Randleman who resigned in December.

“It feels very good to get this opportunity to lead the library at this time in my life,” Houston said.