Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Happening Now

Another White Co. Birth Control Lawsuit Filed

Another jail inmate filed suit against White County Sheriff Oddie Shoupe and Judge Sam Benningfield over a discontinued birth control program.

White County Jail inmate Christopher Sullivan will have to serve a longer sentence than fellow inmates because he refused a vasectomy.

Benningfield issued a controversial order in May stating any inmate who had either a vasectomy or birth control implant would receive 30 days off their sentence.

According to the suit, Sullivan refused to have a vasectomy but was offered no alternative steps to also receive a reduced sentence.

The lawsuit states Sullivan has been incarcerated on a probation violation since July. Benningfield discontinued the birth control order on July 26.

The story of Benningfield’s original order has been widely circulated in local, regional and national media. Last week, a former inmate filed a suit in federal court against White County, Shoupe, Benningfield and a corrections officer.