Thursday, September 24, 2020
Happening Now

Amphitheater Construction Begins At Baxter Seminary Park

Construction has begun for the amphitheater at Baxter Seminary Park.

Mayor John Martin said crews recently installed the poles for the main structure.

“Everything we’ve got in the amphitheater is western cedar from California,” Martin said. “We’re waiting for some of the beams to go in the roof and we should get that in a week or so. Everything is going good and we’re looking forward to the spring to have an opening of our amphitheater.”

The city will use a $75,000 State Department of Tourism grant to pay for the amphitheater. Martin said the new park will also include a new arch and three different historic venues that branch off from the sidewalks.

“Once we get all this done it’s really going to be good for different events,” Martin said.

Donations have also been received for new benches, lamposts and stone pillars.