Thursday, October 21, 2021
Happening Now

Algood Will See Smoke Testing Over Next Several Weeks

The city of Algood wants residents to be aware of smoke testing happening in the next few weeks.

Public Works Director Victor Jones said that the testing helps find leaks and other issues in the sewer system.

“We go in and we clean the lines, TV it, and smoke test it,” Jones said. “So all the water that runs in it from the ground we have to pay for it ”

Jones said that the first areas to be tested will be Elm Street, Dry Valley Road, Joy Lane, and a few more places in that area. He said once that is finished, they’ll step over into the area near the housing projects.

Jones said that the previous smoke test had some residents on edge. He wanted to emphasize that there may be a slight odor, but there is no danger to residents or their homes. If concerned about the sight of smoke in one of these areas, Jones said to call city hall before the fire department.

“If there is a crack or open ladder or something,” Jones said. “It will come up through the yard. And if it’s disconnected in the house it could come up in the house. It’s all about infiltration. The system is about 60 years old and it’s deteriorating.”

Jones said the work will begin October 14th, and that he expects the work to take about two to three weeks. The work has been contracted by M&M Pipe Services