Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Happening Now

Algood Water Tower Removal Begins This Week

After almost 60 years since it was erected, the removal of the Algood Water Tower starts Tuesday.

Mayor Lisa Chapman-Fowler said the structure is no longer used and would cost too much money to maintain.

“I remember sitting on my grandparents front porch watching it go up, and so it has been a staple for my entire life,” Chapman-Fowler said. “I was hoping that there was some way that we could save the water tower.”

Chapman-Fowler said she has asked that some parts of the tower are kept. Chapman-Fowler said she would like to create a display at city hall or at the new Algood Park.

“It is one of the last icons I think that designates Algood,” Chapman-Fowler said. “We are used to seeing that. It’s been up there for almost 60 years.”

The tower will be taken down piece by piece by using a crane. Chapman-Fowler said it will be sad no longer seeing the tower in the horizon.

Chapman-Fowler said the future use of the lot where the water tower stands will be up for future discussion.