Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Happening Now

Algood Walmart To Get Second Entrance

The City of Algood will construct a new entrance to Walmart from Big Mac Drive.

City Administrator Keith Morrison said a property owner on Big Mac Drive has agreed to the project.

“The gain from this is folks who enter Big Mac Drive to go to McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Zaxby’s or Speedway,” Morrison said. “If they can’t get out and make that left hand turn during busy times at the intersection on Main Street, they can turn and go back into Walmart, go around through the Walmart parking lot, and come out at the red light at Walmart and Main Street.”

Algood City Council approved an agreement with the property owner during Tuesday night’s meeting. That agreement states that Algood will receive property to connect Big Mac Drive to Walmart and provide a 150-foot utility extension to the property owner.

Morrison said the additional entrance would also allow drivers to avoid the red light at Walmart and Main Street.

“If they wanted to go left or across to Cooper, this would hopefully alleviate some of our traffic concerns,” Morrison said. “As well as any traffic from Overton County and Livingston that went to Walmart. They could avoid the light, go out to Big Mac Drive and make an immediate right to get to (Highway) 111.”

Morrison said the restaurants and Walmart have also agreed to the project.